Legend for our help Section


Each article in this help section about each product with technical background is thematically compressively created and separately summarised by Outdooractive. So only those articles apply to you which refer to functions that are supported by your used product.

We have tried to write the articles in our help section as comprehensible as possible. Some technical jargon, however, cannot be avoided. Here you have an overview of the most frequent terms:

Platform: The whole system behind each product is called the platform. Almost every content is centralised on a platform and available on different portals in different apps.

Portal: Each website which is based on our technology and contain the content of the platform is called a portal. You can open these portals by using your browser.

App: 300 apps are based on our technology which are available for Android and iOS devices. In app stores you recognise our apps by the reference “Outdooractive AG”, which is displayed in the title.

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