Behaviour in our community


The four principles of our community:

  • Respect and treat everyone the same way you would want to be respected and treated. Tolerate other opinions and stay polite – just as everywhere else in life!
  • Tour suggestions are supposed to inspire and enable to do the tour without any further research. Make sure that your tour offers additional value. Tours that don’t match these criteria are set to “not published” without any further notification. They are still editable, accessible and sharable, but not published and thus only visible for you.
  • Please only publish your own posts. Only use images whose copyright you have or state the respective source and copy information. Please don’t use other people’s texts and copy them.
  • As your aim is to inform and to create interest in outdoor adventures and when you want to place external links please ensure that there is a balanced ratio between descriptions and external links. Please put them under “detailed description” -> “tips, hints and links”. Use our functions (comments, description, conditions…) and do not use them for advertising purposes (links to websites). Otherwise we are forced to set your tour on “not published” or to delete certain links.

Please respect those principles and have fun on our platform.

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