What are Premium Routes?


Anyone looking to plan a trip is generally happy to prepare using a variety of different sources with insider-tips offering just as much value as any available tour guide or specialist magazine. We have everything you need for planning your next adventure in once place.

In addition to carefully researched routes created by the community and recommendations directly from the region or our own editorial team, you can also find individual routes or entire books from specialist publishers on the platform. Our aim being is to continuously expand our range of products to include content from professional sources.

You can find all routes marked as "Premium" via the Route Finder by selecting the "Premium" option under ‘Qualities’ in the filter.

We currently offer premium routes from the publishers "Bergverlag Rother GmbH", "Kompass", "Schall Verlag" and "ADAC Wanderführer".

As these routes come with a charge, they are first shown in preview.  For routes provided by Bergverlag Rother, you will pay a one-time usage fee to have full digital access to them. For the sake of practicality, you have the option to activate only individual tours rather than buying an entire book outright. These routes can then be found in your profile under "Purchases". You can of course also use these on your device after synchronizing with the app.

The contents of Kompass, Schall Verlag and the ADAC hiking guide are integrated in Pro+ and cannot be purchased separately. A Pro+ membership is required to access these tours. You can find out more here.

You can recognize publishers' routes by the premium emblem that is displayed. "Premium" primarily refers to the fact that this is content from established publishers that work with professional authors. Over the years, they have made a name for themselves for producing high-quality content. Equally important to our users are the diverse and carefully prepared routes that come from other community members and partners and that make such a valuable contribution to the platform. Those that are especially well researched and have a high rating are classified as "top tours" thus making them distinguishable from Premium Routes.

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