What are Premium Tours?


Anyone planning a tour take their information from all different kinds of sources, e.g. insider tips, available guide books and journals. You now have access to everything you need for planning your next outdoor adventure.

Apart from thoroughly researched tours from the Community, recommendations from the regions or from the Outdooractive Editors there are individual tours or whole books from specialist publishing houses available on the platform. We are planning on continually expanding the offer by contents of other publishing houses and professional authors.

They are labelled as Premium and can be found in the Tour Finder and in the profile of the publishing house Rother GmbH. As this offer in printed version is subject to a charge they are first displayed as a preview. Whoever would like to use them to their full extent has to pay a one-time usage fee. A big advantage is that you are able to unlock individual tours when you don’t want to buy a whole book. You’ll find the tours in your profile in “Purchases”. After a synchronization with the App you can use them there, too.

You recognize the tours by their “Premium” label. The word “Premium” primarily refers to the fact that this is content published by renowned publishing houses working with professional authors. Over the years they have established a good reputation as publishers of top-quality content. Equally important are the diverse and the lovingly edited contents with which the Community members and other partners contribute to the platform. This is why those tours – as far as they are well-researched and have a good rating – are labeled as “Top Tours”. So they differ from the Premium Tours.

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