How can I add images to my tour and what sizes should they have?


In the tab “media” you have the possibility to improve your tour by adding images. To upload one or more files, klick on “Search” and choose one or more images. You can upload max. twelve images with an overall size of 50 MB.



When uploading images you should use images of the best possible quality. That means: big images in high resolution. Images are adjusted automatically by our system, to be able to display them on tablet and smartphone screens. But as the images should also look good on big screens the resolution should be as high as possible.

Landscape images are optimally displayed in horizontal format. The matching side-to-side ratio is 2:1. Pictures in vertical format are cut off on the upper and lower edge. In summary: the bigger, the better – A minimum width of 2500 px is necessary for a good display of the images. That is especially important for images or PDFs displayed in full-size mode. A suitable format for images is JPEG of high quality (85% of all saved images)

Please keep in mind: You are responsible for every image that you upload, not we as operator of the platform.

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