How do I add images to my route and what size should they be?


You can upload your pictures when your route is in editing mode under "Media".

To do this, click on "+ Add photos or videos". You then have the option to choose whether you want to add a previously uploaded picture to the route or upload images from your computer.

To upload, select one or more images and click on "Open" to proceed.

Please note: A maximum of fifteen images- or a total size of 160 MB- can be uploaded.



When uploading photos you should only use images of the best possible quality, .i.e. large format in high resolution. Images are automatically adjusted by our system in order for them to be displayed on tablet and smartphone screens, but for the images to look good on larger screens as well, the resolution should be as high as possible.

Landscape images are displayed in horizontal format. The matching side-to-side ratio is 2:1. Pictures in vertical format are cropped on the upper and lower edges. In short, the bigger, the better with a minimum width of 2500 px being necessary for a good display. This is especially important for when images or PDFs are displayed in full-size mode. A suitable file format for images is JPEG of high quality ( accounting for 85% of all saved images)

Kindly note: You alone are responsible for any image that you upload. As the operator of the platform, we assume no responsibility. 

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