What is the difference between short description, description and directions?


When creating a tour on our portal you have the possibility to write a short description, a description and to state directions. But where is the difference?

Short description: your tour’s flagship

The short description is supposed to introduce the tour and kindle appetite to explore the track. In order to do that you should state the most important characteristics as well as the character of the tour in general and the most important main features. For instance: summits, lakes or path markings. You should, however, find the balance between a description that is too short and an overpowering description that contains too much detail. It is important to note that without stating the short descriptions and the title, additional edits are not possible. Tip: Ideally, a short description has between 50 and 300 characters.

Description: State everything that is important to you.

In the description the impressions and facts are explained in detail. It’s mostly all about the character of the tour as well as the sights along the way. We describe the tour in the same way as hikers and tour mates would do amongst each other. Tip: A well-proportioned description ideally has between 900 and 2000 characters.

Directions: the navigations device in text form

The directions clearly distinguish themselves from the description by only stating the facts of the track. The track course is described in detail so you can walk on that track just by using the directions. The most common method is a point-to-point description which can either be stated in form of a list of the most important places along the way (“Victoria Station – Buckingham Palace – Westminster Abbey – Trafalgar Square”) or on the basis of an extensive description of the track course (“We start our tour at Victoria Station and walk along the Buckingham Palace Road to Buckingham Palace.”). Tip: Good directions don’t necessarily have to be long. The most important objective is to help navigating in nature.

Author’s recommendation: the personal touch

The author’s recommendation is a good way to share personal statements and recommendations to certain highlights of the tour, such as viewpoints or refreshment stops. You should keep in mind that it is supposed to have a personal touch and that it contains a short insider tip. For longer statements you would be well-advised to use the description. Tip: 100 to 200 characters should be enough to give some advice.

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