5 tips on how to create a tour

  • 1 Edit the GPS tracks

If you have recorded your tour on a GPS device, uploaded and added it to your tour, you’re not done yet. It is even better if you edit the different kinds of paths and adjust them to your tour. This way all users can assess the tour more easily and decide if the tour is suitable for them.

In this article you find the instructions on how to edit the different kinds of paths.

  • 2 Always state the way back

If the outward and the return path are identical, it is often the case that only the outward is stated. But it is important that the return path is stated as well. That is the only way to ensure that the automatically calculated data of a tour is correct. Otherwise the length, the elevation profile and the duration of the tour are only calculated for the outward and therefore the assessment of the character of the tour is wrong. If the starting point is the same as the destination, the identical elevation profile is shown.

  • 3 Expressive title

It is best to provide the tour with an expressive title – and not just: Tour planning of xx.yy.zz. That way your tour can be found more easily be other outdoor enthusiasts. A combination of place and destination has proven to be best. But it is also possible the state the name of the track in the title.

  • 4 Always add a picture

A tour without images is not a helpful description. Significant images speak louder than words and convey the atmosphere. And nice images particularly kindle the appetite for more. Additionally, images provide a first impression on how the tour really is and help finding a suitable tour. You find instructions on where and how you can add images in this article.

  • 5 Fill out all text boxes

In general text boxes should be filled out. Only extensive and completely described tours offer additional value and are found more easily by search engines and filters. In the coming articles in our help sections you are provided with further information on how to fill out the text boxes the best way and which specifications are important.

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