How does the Route Finder work?


Searching for routes using keywords

The "Route Finder" on the website allows you filter results based on keywords that you consider relevant, such as location, region or summit. You need only to enter these in the search field for suitable results to be generated. As an example, if you typed in "Zugspitze", the map will zoom in on the mountain peak and all routes related to this search term will be displayed on the map.

Presentation of the results

The results of the Route Finder is a list of route suggestions that can be viewed in a number of different ways. In the “Map” view you can see exactly where the start points are and where the routes go. Having the map in full-size mode gives you the best overview. You will also be able to see some initial snippets of information about the route. If you want to compare as many route suggestions as possible with similarly basic pieces of information, such as length and duration, you can sort and view them as a  “List”. With the “Gallery” view you will see a preview image alongside the basic information.

Limit results by filter

If the selection is too large, you have different options to refine the search. Each search can be adjusted to your preferences by applying filters. The most relevant categories, such as activity or difficulty level, are displayed directly below the search box. If you click on an activity, for example, other filters that match that activity will open.

If you are missing something specific, you can expand the selection by clicking on "Filter". The results can then be narrowed down by filtering routes on the basis of 'refreshment', 'family-friendly' or 'particularly promising'. You can also specify a desired length and duration for the route

You can display all available routes in your selected language or add content in other languages to the search results.


TIP: If you are looking for a specific route, you can find it by using the „Search“ box in the upper right corner.



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