How can I search for tours?


You have different possibilities to search for tours on our portal:

  • With the feature “tour finder” you can find tours by stating the activity into the textbook “I’d like to go” and the region into City/Region. If you choose, for instance, “Hiking” and “Allgäu” the map section is automatically set so that the chosen region “Allgäu” appears. As result all tours under the activity “Hiking” appear that start in the Allgäu.
  • If you only choose an activity, all tours with that activity appear which have their starting point in the chosen map section. You can change the map section by moving the map and/or zooming and thus changing the scale. For instance, if you choose “Hiking” as an activity, all hiking tours appear that are located in the current map section. If you zoom out thus reducing the scale until you see Europe as a whole, you can get an overview over all the tour propositions in Europe. This is helpful when you haven’t decided on a region.
  • If you already know where you want to go to, but have no idea what you can do there, the search works the other way round. You choose a region and then all the activities appear for which a tour has already been created.
  • The result of the tour finder is a list with tour propositions that you can view in different ways. In the “Map” view you can see exactly where the starting points are and where the tours take their courses. With the map in full-size mode you can get the best overview. In the “List/Map” view you additionally get a few first pieces of information about the tour. If you want to compare as many tour propositions as possible with some basic pieces of information, such as length and duration, choose the sortable “List” Then there is the “gallery” view with a preview image and basic information thus providing a good overview over your results.
  • If you are looking for a specific tour, you can find it by using the text box „Search“ in the upper right corner.
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