How does “Free routing” work? (routing without the trail network)


If the trail network is not providing you with the right route or you want to plan a canoe route for example, you have the possibility to manually trace the route via free entry. Next to “trail network” in the menu you can change the setting to “free entry” and place all the points on the map that you would like to use for the route. Remember, when manually tracing the route beelines (straight lines) will be placed between the points. The route is more precise, the smaller the distance between individual points.  

Good to know: uploaded GPX files will be displayed by our system as drawn entirely freehand.

If the trail routing generates only a route between specific waypoints and not on the desired trail, then you can also route this section without the network. Right click the point where you want to route from without a trail network and choose “from this point without trail network”.  


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