How can I add more than one image to my comment?

To be able to add more than one image to your comment, you click on “upload” below the text box under photos. In the open browser window you navigate to the location of your images. There you select all the images you want to upload. You then click on “open” and every selected picture is displayed in preview mode. They are still partly distorted, but after the upload, they will be displayed correctly. Now you can edit the title, author, source and copyright. On the right side, next to the title, you have the possibility to change the order of the images using the “arrow feature”. On the bottom right you find the “bin symbol” to delete a certain image. The pictures are added automatically to the comment. Write or correct the text, rate the tour and state the date of the tour. After a click on “publish” the comment including the images is now published online.

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