The website is not being displayed correctly – why is this happening?


It can have several reasons that our website is not displayed correctly:

  • You use an old browser version. Try updating it first and then retry to use our website. In case you still use the Internet Explorer 8, you find additional information in the article „Information to the Internet Explorer.
  • Your temporary internet files can sometimes confuse our website a bit. Refresh it entering “Ctrl + F5”. This will delete the cache and the website will load anew.
  • You use a script blocker or add-ons? With browser apps like that (e.g. noscript) it can lead to our route planner not working properly. In order to make it work you should allow our website’s scripts and deactivate the respective add-ons.
  • Keep your software up to date! Flash and Shockwaveplayer should be updated on a regular basis.
  • It was our fault. Yes, we are not infallible. Despite intensive tests we might sometimes miss an error. If the problem cannot be resolved by one of these steps, please send us a message stating all important details as well as information to you browser and your operating system.
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