What are “current conditions”?


The feature “current conditions” provides other outdoor enthusiasts with tips about the current conditions or danger warnings. This could be for instance:

  • The track is already snow free.
  • The glacier crevasses are still closed.
  • The bike route is closed due to logging.
  • At the moment, there is no possibility of continuing on this way due to a broken bridge. 

The current conditions are displayed on the map to ensure that you can get information about the conditions of a region as intuitively as possible. Anyone wanting to rummage, irrespectively of the region, is well advised to choose either the list display or the magazine view. After two weeks all conditions are hidden by default. However, they can be displayed later (up to 365 days max.) with the help of the timeline controller (refine your search). An additional filter enables you to superimpose conditions only for certain activities.

In addition to the "Current conditions" there are also the categories "Notice" and "Closure". These categories deal with the condition of cycle and hiking paths, dangers, obstacles and closures of the path or entire areas. The latter are, for example, protected areas for mammals and birds which may not be used for leisure activities or only to a limited extent. At present, notices and closures can only be created by our editorial staff and our tourist partners.


The current conditions as well as notices and closures are also displayed directly on the appropriate tour under the "Current Information" tab – but permanently there.

You, as a community member, can add a current condition for each tour. You find this feature below each tour description (you can add comments there as well).This function is also available in the App.

The difference between a comment and a current condition can be found in this article.

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