Synchronisation: How do I get my tours from the app on my computer and vice versa?


Both with iOS and Android a synchronisation in both directions (portal -> app; app -> portal) is possible.

You can synchronise your tours with your smartphone as follows:

  • You have to be registered in our community.
  • Sign into the portal with your user data.
  • Sign into the app under “Community” with the same user data.
  • Go back to the menu and open “Favourites” -> “My Tours” -> the clipboard or a list.
  • Tap on the synchronisation button for a manual synchronisation (Android: two arrows forming a circle; iOS: choose “actions” (in the upper right corner) -> “synchronise”).
  • The planned tour is displayed in the list under “Favourites” -> “My Tours”.

From that point your account will synchronise automatically as soon as you open the favourites and you are signed into the community.

There is also a second possibility to get the tours on your smartphone:

  • Open a random tour in our portal.
  • Open the app and the “Trail Scanner”. You find this feature in the main menu or under “tools”. Tap on the button “scan trail”.
  • Now use your mouse on your computer and go over “mobile” and a QR code
  • Hold your smartphone to the pc screen so that the QR code is in the middle of the field of the trail scanner.
  • As soon as the trail scanner has recognised the QR code the tour is displayed on the smartphone.
  • With the menu (Android: 3 points; iOS: “More”) you can add the list to your clipboard or to a list.

If the synchronisation doesn’t work despite the performed steps, please contact us!

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