How does the 3D tour video (Pro) and the 3D Flight (Pro+) work?


(Moving) pictures say more than a thousand words. That's why Pro/Pro+ allows you to experience your tours in 3D and get an impression of the landscape and the requirements in advance.


If you have an active pro subscription you can create a 3D video for each of your published tours in the Route Planner under "Media", which is linked to the tour gallery and published on our Outdooractive YouTube channel.


On many tours and ski resorts you can find the possibility to start the interactive 3D Flight with Pro+ in the map preview. You can move the map and view interesting points linked to the tour. The 3D Flight will of course also be visible to all community members who have a Pro+ subscription for your published tours.


In both cases, the landscape, panoramic views, other interesting excursion destinations as well as requirements such as ascents and descents can be clearly visualised on the satellite view before the tour begins. This makes it even easier to decide for a suitable tour or simply to gather your first wonderful impressions.


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