What is a route's rank and on what is it based?


The route ranking is a quality indicator for routes on our portal. The more user friendly and informative a route is, the higher the ranking.  with a higher ranking are shown and recommended to users more often depending on the query. In summary: Tours of higher quality are rewarded with higher visibility and coverage.

The ranking is based on a number of data. For that, especially the community’s feedback is important, among the tour description, the images and the necessary information.

In order for a tour to receive a high rank it relies on the evaluation of other community members. In our opinion a tour can only be among the best if the feedback coming from the community is positive. Every community member can rate the tour once and can give stars ranging from one to five. For evaluating a ranking the number of stars as well as the average number of evaluations is important. Tip: Share your tours with friends and spread them on social media. This way you reach a lot of community members who can then rate your tours.

You find additional tips on how to write a good tour description in our help section.

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