Can I also use other maps when planning and display additional trail networks?


Apart from the Outdooractive maps, we offer additional maps, where you can carry out your individual tour planning. On the upper right hand side of the map you can activate different overlays via “map”. Besides the Outdooractive maps you can find the basic map layer “satellite”, “hybrid”, “topographical maps” and “OpenStreetMap” here. In order to easily distinguish between the different trails you can activate, for example cycle trail and trail overlays or the gradient through additional layers.

Here is an overview of the basic maps and the different layers:

Base maps:

  • Outdooractive summer/winter/hybrid maps (Germany, Austria, Northern Italy)
  • OSM maps (world-wide)
  • Topographical maps (official grid maps – not yet universally available)
  • Mapbox (satellite and hybrid)

Additional layers (available world-wide)

  • Gradient

Additional layers for activities (only available within the area of Outdooractive maps)

  • Winter sports
  • Hiking trails
  • Long-distance trails
  • Cycle tracks
  • Long-distance cycle tracks
  • MTB
  • MTB-Transalp
  • Bridle paths


You also have the option of displaying all tours in your area, current conditions, histories, huts and much more under the category “Contents”.

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