Can I use other maps for planning and display trail networks?


Depending on your subscription we offer different maps for tour planning. The differences in the map data are described in detail in this article.

Free: OpenStreetMap, Summer & Winter, Slope angle, Notices & Closures, Avalanche Situation

Pro (additional): Outdooractive, Topo, Satellite, Ways and activities

Pro+ (additional): Alpine Club map

On the lower right corner of the map you can activate different overlays via “Maps and trails”. Besides the OpenStreetMap you will find the maps "Outdooractive", "Topo" and "Alpine Club map". Under Style you can choose between Summer, Winter and Satellite.

To keep the paths better apart, you can activate the hiking, cycling, mountainbiking or horse riding network and the winter sports overlay via the ways and activities. Slope angle, notices & closures, and avalanche location are available under Additional Layers.


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