Navigation (currently not available in the new app)

For the new App:

Unfortunately, the navigation is not yet available in the app. Since we built the app from scratch, it was not possible for us to take over all functions from the premium app for the start of the app. We want to improve a lot in the future and therefore develop this function from scratch.

Here you can find out more about the previous functions of the various subscriptions.

At the moment, however, you can display every tour in the app via "My Map" and run it via GPS location recording. More about "My Map".


For the older versions of our apps

The navigation feature is not included in any of our apps. Here you can test whether it works for your app by opening a tour within the app. If the navigation is available, you can select “Start navigation“ when opening the app. In order to start the navigation, you need internet connection and an activated GPS (unless you save the tour in offline mode).

With the additional speech output you don’t need to take your smartphone out oft he pocket. It starts automatically when you’re starting the navigation. To make it work properly, please make sure the volume isn’t too low. (Please keep in mind that there’s a difference between media volume and ringer volume.) If you don’t want an acoustic guide, you can turn it off in „Settings“ in the section “Navigation“.

This feature is still at its very beginning, so there might be little errors and problematic functions. Our speech output is based on a crossing of several data models. At every crossing there’s a speech model. Therefore, the more complex an area is, the more likely are missing or misleading indications.

We’re working continuously on the actualisation and complementation if our trail network data.

In case the speech output is not available in the language you prefer, click here.

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