On which data are the maps of Outdooractive based on?


You have the choice between different map designs and data bases. These differ in the extent of the 3 subscriptions Free, Pro and Pro+.


When using our platform free of charge, you get access to the OpenStreetMap maps. With the OSM map you can plan tours worldwide and unlimited. This database is maintained by a worldwide community.

OpenStreetMap worldwide

  • OpenStreetMap (ODbL) - Contributors - www.openstreetmap.org

  • Natural EarthMade with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map data @ naturalearthdata.com



In addition to the OSM maps, the Outdooractive Summer and Winter Maps become available with Pro. The Outdooractive Maps for Germany, Austria and Northern Italy are based on official data within the Pro subscription. This data originates from the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy. Editorially prepared trail networks for all activities enable ideal planning for the best possible result.

Outside Germany, Austria and Northern Italy, the Outdooractive Maps and the route networks are based on the OSM data with Pro subscription.


In addition to the Outdooractive Maps you can also use the satellite view (© Mapbox) as well as Topomaps from Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Utah and Austria.



  • © GeoBasis-DE / BKG 2018
  • © GeoBasis-DE / LDBV 2018


  • © 1996-2018 here. All Rights reserved.

  • © Country Vorarlberg

  • © State of Tyrol

  • © Province of Styria

Northern Italy

  • Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol - Department of Nature, Landscape and Spatial Development.
  • © Precision data 4LAND (Trentino)

  • © 1994-2018 here. All Rights reserved.


  •  © GeoBasis-DE

  • © BEV 2012, T2012/82246 - www.bev.gv.at

  • © Kartverket

  • © Kortforsyningen

  • National Land Survey of Finland

  • © PDOK - Publieke Service Verlening op de Kaart

  • © Country Information New Zealand

  • © USGS - courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey




With Pro+ you get all map data that is available. Only available with Pro+ are the Topomaps of Switzerland and France. Outdooractive Maps also use the official map data for these two countries as the basis for the map and the route networks.

For the Alps, Pro+ also includes the map series of the Alpine Clubs.


Switzerland (incl. topographic maps)

France (incl. topographic maps)

Alpine Club map

  • © DAV, OeAV - ©LDBV - ©BEV



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