What data does Outdooractive use for its maps?


We offer a variety of map layouts based on different data. What is available to each user differs across each of our three subscriptions: Basic, Pro and Pro+.




When using our platform free of charge, you get access to the OpenStreetMap maps. With the OSM map you can plan tours worldwide and unlimited. This database is maintained by a worldwide community.


OpenStreetMap worldwide

© OpenStreetMap (ODbL) – Contributors – www.openstreetmap.org© Natural EarthMade with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map data @naturalearthdata.com   





In addition to the OSM maps, Pro users can also use the Outdooractive summer and winter maps. These maps are based on official survey data for Germany, Austria and Northern Italy. In Germany, these come from the relevant federal agency.  A system of predefined and official trail networks for all activities enable easy planning and the best possible results.

Outside Germany, Austria and Northern Italy, as well as France (IGN), Switzerland (swisstopo) and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales from Ordnance Survey), the Outdooractive Maps and the trail networks available to Pro subscribers are based on OSM data.

In addition to the Outdooractive maps, you also have satellite imagery (© Mapbox) as well as topo maps from Germany, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and parts of America. Also included are topo maps for Switzerland (swisstopo), France (IGN) and Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales from Ordnance Survey).



© GeoBasis-DE / BKG 2020

© GeoBasis-DE / LDBV 2020




 Geodaten © swisstopo - www.swisstopo.admin.ch

 © BAFU - Bundesamt für Umwelt




© IGN - 2020 - www.ign.fr 




© 1996-2020 here. All Rights reserved.

© Land Vorarlberg

© Land Tirol

© Land Steiermark



Northern Italy

© Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol - Abteilung Natur, Landschaft und Raumentwicklung.

© Cartago S.R.L. (Trentino)

© 1994-2020 here. All Rights reserved.



Topo maps

Geodaten © swisstopo

Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database rights 2020

© GeoBasis-DE / BKG

© IGN - 2020

© BEV 2012, T2012/82246 - www.bev.gv.at

© Kartverket

© Lantmäteriet

© Kortforsyningen

© National Land Survey of Finland

© PDOK - Publieke Dienstverlening op de Kaart

© Land Information New Zealand

© USGS - courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

© CNIG - Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica


© Edizione il Lupo






Pro+ allows you access to all the map data that is available.  Pro+ also includes map series from the Alpine Clubs for use in the Alps. 


Alpine Club maps

© DAV, OeAV – ©LDBV – ©BEV



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