How do the clipboard and the lists work?


You have discovered a tour and you want to save it in order to be able to find it again later? Use the feature “Add to list” in your toolbar of the tour details page (above the title).

You find the selected tour under “My Page” on “Clipboard” or “Lists”. With the help of the feature “Add to list” you can also copy the tours in other lists or remove them from your clipboard. Moreover, each content on the lists “Been there, done that!” and “Upcoming tours” as well as on the clipboard can be removed. However, these lists remain and can be refilled anytime. Your own tours can be deleted irrevocably. If you add unpublished content to your list, you can publish the list, but the unpublished content is not visible for other users.

Under the button “Inspiration” you find the lists of other community members and inspiration for your next adventure. You can reward lists you like with a star and then find them on “your page”. To share your lists with others you can publish them together with a short description, an image and at least one content.

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