Which pieces of information are important for a tour?


Apart from geometry, descriptions and images you can also enrich your tour with other important information. True to the slogan “better filled out than omitted” you are provided with some advice on how to make your tour more informative in the following:

Duration: Although the duration of your tour is calculated automatically via the geometry, you can enter it manually and round it if necessary.

Altitude ascending and descending: These two pieces of information are created automatically on the basis of your elevation profile. They can also be edited manually.

Highest and lowest point: You can name the highest point of the tour (e.g. a summit).

Starting point and point of arrival: this information should be identical to the turn-by-turn direction and be as precise as possible. On a round trip the starting point and the destination are identical, of course!

Safety information: Are there things you should pay special attention to? Here is the right place to state dangerous parts of the way, possible dangerous situations and seasonal characteristics.

Equipment: Alpine boots, rain jacket or ferrata sets? Give advice to the most important equipment items.

Maps and Literature: Did you use additional information material? Recommend it to others!

Tips, hints and links: Here you can share useful information about your tour with other outdoor enthusiasts. This may be the opening hours of a mountain cabin or the entrance fee to a museum.

Public transport: In this sections you can explain the possibilities of arrival. You can, for instance, state the name of the nearest bus or train station, or the bus route. Departure times should not be stated as they change regularly.

Furthermore, you can mark this tour as "publicity public friendly".

Getting there: If you arrived by car or if you know how to reach the starting point, you should state a short description on how to get there. The nearest motorway connections particularly helps with the orientation.

Parking: As your car has to be parked somewhere after the arrival you should write about your experiences concerning the size of the parking lot and parking fees.

Internal note: These notes are your personal notes and are not published.

Assign tags – classifications and cachets: You can choose from a selection of tags representing the most important characteristics of your tour, as for example, round tour, nice views, barrier free or suitable for families and children. You can filter in accordance with those criteria directly in the tour finder by clicking on “refine your search”. This way the coverage of your tour increases simultaneously. Furthermore, you can provide your tour with a cachet, if the hiking trail is officially certified with such a cachet. Please note that, in turn, stating wrong information can lead to negative reviews. So tours that are tagged as “barrier free” should have no barriers for wheelchair users.

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