How do I determine my localisation and how can I adjust its perspective?


Just click on the field “Map“. With another click on the circle (in form of a target) in the bottom corner on the left, a blue localisation point appears and will be zoomed to your actual position on the map. Please keep in mind that this feature consumes a lot of battery, so you shouldn’t use it permanently.

With another click on the target an eye appears and the map adjusts to the user’s viewing direction. On the third click, the symbol is reset.

The iOS version of our app shows the map adjusted in the direction of movement during the navigation. Unfortunately, there is no such feature for the Android version yet.  The red arrow, which marks your position, points to North. Therefore, the navigation can’t be adjusted to the direction of movement yet. Our development team is working on it and we’ll let you know when this feature will be available.

If that doesn’t work, please proceed as follows:

  • Check in Settings if the determination of localisation is permitted -> iOS: “Settings“ -> “General“ -> Localisation service/ -> Android: “Settings“ -> ”Privacy” -> “Location services“
  • Due to bad satellite connection, it might take a while to detect a signal
  • iOS: To record tracks, you need to permit the actualisation in background (“Settings“ -> “General“ -> “Background App Refresh”
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