Why does the speech output not work properly?


There’s no sound:

Go to “Settings“ and test whether the option “Speech output“ is activated (in the section “Navigation“). Make sure that the volume is not too low.

Error message:

The speech output starts automatically with the navigation. In case a pop-up appears reading “This device does not support speech output“, please test whether the function Google Text-to-Speech is deactivated. In case it is, please activate/install it again and restart the navigation. Now the speech output should work. For further information see the description of Google Text-to-Speech.

Wrong language:

If the speech output is in the wrong language, it might be due tot he settings of Google Text-to-Speech. To test this please proceed as follows:

Go to “Settings“ -> “Acessibility“ -> “Text-to-Speech output“. Make sure the necessary language data is installed. Open the settings of the preferred module. On “Status of standard language“ you can check which language is set as standard. If it’s set on “System“, set it on the language you prefer and try it again.

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