Why do the apps need different authorisations?


The required authorisations are necessary for a few features of our app. Of course we try to ask only the essential authorisations. Ever since Android 6.0 it’s been possible to concede several authorisations manually. Nevertheless, in case ther is no authorisation, there might be restrictions on a few features.

We need access to the camera, for instance, to make sure you can make pictures during the recording.  Besides, we need to acess your media (your gallery) in order to store offline content and the pictures you’ve made during the recording. As our app is run by GPS and determines the localisation we need to access also the recording of the navigation. Our app has many other features which require different types of authorisation.

For instance, the synchronisation of our app requires information about the user’s identity. Besides, we need information about your WIFI connection in order to deactivate the map download.

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