What does error message 403 mean?


The error message 403 appears whenever one attempts to open a content for which one does not have the necessary rights. This message may occur in three cases:

Case 1: The tour has already been published, but the author has decided in the meantime not to make it accessible to the public any more. This can be due to the fact that the route was no longer correct or the author wanted to reedit the tour description.

Case 2: This is an unpublished self-planned tour of you or a friend. These tours are normally set to "not published" (red mark in the tour overview). If you try to open this tour in the non-logged-in state, the right will be missing. So if it's your own tour, log in to retrieve the tour. If it is the tour of a friend, please ask him or her to generate an individual link to the tour in their tour overview by clicking on "share". With this link the details of the tour can be viewed.

Case 3: You are trying to retrieve a time-limited or terminated offer. This message will appear as soon as the date lies in the past.

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