How can I share published/unpublished tours/contents?


You have several possibilities to share tours and other contents with friends (outside our portal).


Published tours and contents:

If the tours and contents are published, no matter if they are your own or created by others, they are visible for other users on the whole platform. However, if you want to share your content on social networks or directly with friends you find the feature “Share” above the title. Click on it and another window opens up. Here you can choose or copy the link and send it directly to your friends, or by clicking “recommend by email” or “share on facebook”, “share on twitter”or "share on Pinterest" you can create a post on the respective social networks.


Unpublished tours:

If you have created a tour that you want to send to a friend without publishing it you can use the feature “Share with friends”. You find this feature above the tour title. The receiver of the link can then see your unpublished tour without being able to save, edit or interact with it in any way.

If you have a blog and you are interested in how you can integrate tours, cabins or lists into it you’ll find further information on our widget and WordPress plugin in this article.

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