How can I print tours and contents?


You can find the feature print on the respective content and tour detail pages above the title in the green tab. By clicking on “Print” you are either forwarded directly to the feature print, or first, you have to sign into the community or register on our portal, in case you are not a community member.

For the print a PDF is created where you have several options from which you can choose:


  • Topo
  • Topographic detail map
    • Select scale
    • 1:25000 to 1:1000000
  • Description
  • Waypoints
  • Comments and Ratings
  • Additional Information
  • Images
  • Legend

Pocket-size printout:

  • Print out folding instructions

At the bottom next to “Download” the approximate number of pages is displayed. After you click on “Download” the PDF is created which you can open directly or save depending on your browser settings. If the PDF is not created after a certain amount of time, this article might help you.

You can also print by using the “print” feature within the route planner. However, only a map with the route is created there.

Tip: If you only want to print certain PDF pages, open the PDF, choose “file” -> “print” -> “printing range” -> “pages” and then you can choose which pages you want to print.

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