Can I copy/duplicate a tour?


You can duplicate published routes with the "Copy route" function and customize the newly created route however you like.



To copy a route you have to be on the route detail page of the route you want to copy. Then go to the box with three dots in the upper right corner. If you click on "Copy route", a copy of the route will be opened in the route planner. You can adapt the new file as you wish, e.g. add to or shorten it. You can then save it as a plan or route.



  • You can copy your own routes, both published and unpublished.
  • Premium routes as well as routes that are not activated for you can only be copied after purchase or release.
  • How your copied route is displayed in the route planner depends on how the original route was created. If it comes from the route planner, you will get all manually set waypoints in the copy. However, if it is based on an imported GPX file, you will see numerous blue points in the copy. These are the individual coordinate points that were created when recording the track.

How you can import or export a GPX file you can find out in this post.

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