How can I avoid the consumption of data volume because of map buffering?


If you have a very bad internet connection and your tours or maps you want to use during the tour have already been saved offline, it is best to deactivate the mobile data connection completely (do not go into flight mode, only deactivate mobile data!) Offline saving is only available with the Pro/Pro+ subscription.


For our older app generations:

You can activate or deactivate the dynamic loading of the map during a mobile data connection in the settings of the app.

  • Android: go to “Mobile network“ and active/deactivate map buffering
  • iOS: go to “Map settings“ and activate/deactivate map buffering

Deactivated: Map data is not downloaded if you are connected with a mobile network. Though, you can save offline map extracts or the entire tour in order to open maps. Read here how to save offline tours and maps.

Activated: If the map doesn’t buffer during the navigation, there is an error related with the operating system. Our team is already working on it. This error should not occur in the navigation of an offline tour when buffering is activated.

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