How can I import and export a GPX file?


Generally, the import of a GPX file only works with the apps that can record tracks. To be able to open a GPX file with our app you have to import it first. There are two possibilities to do that:

  • You can send the track to yourself via email, open the attachment with your smartphone and with “Open with…” choose our app. The track is then saved in your favourites under “My Tours”.
  • You can import the track via direct download on our website. For that you only have to open the page with your browser, choose the desired tour, download the GPX files, sent it to yourself via email and open it with our app as mentioned above.
  • As a third option you can download the track via Dropbox and import it into our app.

If you want to export/download a GPX file, stick to the following instructions:

  • iOS: Open the corresponding tour -> “Community” -> “send GPX track”. By doing that you can send the GPX file to a random email address. The same applies to recorded tracks in your favourites.
  • Android: With the three points in the top right corner -> “Community” -> “Download GPX” or you choose “Send via email” receiving the tour as an attachment to you mail.

Should the import of the GPX files still not work despite the performed steps, please contact us.

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