(Pro function) How can I use the "My Map" function to display content on the map?


With Pro/Pro+ you can easily customize the map view with "My Map" to suit your activities.

You can add everything to “My Map”: tours, events, places to visit, accommodation and many more. Activated once you have all important contents available in every map view with “My Map” being used similarly to all other lists.


Just use the "My Map" function in the toolbar on the detail page of the content (top right). Here you can add the content to "My Map". No matter which map view you change to, you can now display the content there. You will find the small "M" on the map at the bottom right -> click on it -> activate "My Map".

After the synchronization with the app all content and tour geometries will be displayed there simultaneously. With activated GPS you see at one glance which tours are around you. This preparation makes a search for tours on site unnecessary and you can start directly or decide flexibly for another tour.


Use my map for route planning

But "My Map" is also very practical for tour planning. For example, you have found a tour via the tour search, but want to do it in a slightly different way? Then you can now also display the corresponding tour in the tour planner via "My Map" and then click directly on it, expand it, shorten it or vice versa.

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