How do I plan a route in the app?


The Route Planner is built on iOS and Android devices in the same way.

To get to the Route Planner, first go to the map in the lower left corner of the main menu. Now tap on the green symbol of a route in the upper right corner of the map.

Important: You can only use the Route Planner if you are logged into the app with your access data for the Community. If you are not logged in, you can only enter two waypoints. This is because your tour has to be saved in your profile.

Enter waypoints

By pressing and holding on the map you can now set individual waypoints. Alternatively, enter a location or an address in the list view for the waypoints. List view -> top right on the map under "A,B,C". Set the corresponding activity for your route in the lower left menu using the drop-down arrow. Use the two arrows in the middle of the menu to undo or restore the last editing step.

Route with bee line

To use the "Free routing" function, tap on the symbol at the bottom right of the menu. Now you will see the connection between the waypoints with a bee line. To automatically route on the route network again, tap on the free routing symbol again. You can find more information about the "Free routing" in the app here.

Title, description, details etc.

Once you have completed your tour by entering waypoints, tap "Save" in the lower right corner. Give your tour a title, a short description and upload at least one photo. In addition, you can add more descriptions, specify details and also describe how to get to the starting point of the tour. The better your tour is maintained, the higher its ranking on our site will be and the more fun other community members will have to go (or drive etc.) on your tour.

Publish your route

At the bottom is the "Publish" button, which you can use to make your tour accessible to everyone. The green "Preview" button gives you a preview of how the tour will be displayed. Don't forget to save the tour using the grey button on the left.

Pro and Pro+: At the bottom right of the map you will find three squares, the map layers. As a Pro or Pro+ member, you can use this to switch to other maps in addition to the OpenStreetMap. Furthermore, the trail networks for certain activities such as hiking or cycling can be shown on the map. This makes it easier to create your tour.

With a Pro or Pro+ subscription, you can also display the contents of the "My Map" function directly in the Route Planner. Here you can find more information on how to use the "My Map" function.

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