How can I redeem a voucher?


With every purchase on you have the possibility to redeem a voucher. The basic requirement for this is of course: You have a voucher.

ATTENTION: Vouchers can only be redeemed on our website, not in the app.


Depending on what kind of voucher you have, there are some special features to consider:

Premium Tours / Premium Tour books

First click on tour or unlock all tours -> you will find the field "Redeem voucher" below "Payment method" (above the payment methods PayPal and credit card).


For your Pro and Pro+ subscription

All vouchers for your Outdooractive Pro or Pro+ subscription can be redeemed on our website. You will find the field to redeem your voucher directly at the selection of your desired subscription. Please always note that the voucher is case-sensitive and – if you copy & paste the voucher – please ensure that you haven’t accidentally copied it with a space at the beginning or at the end of the code.

A voucher cannot be retroactively credited to an existing subscription. In this case, you can cancel your subscription as soon as possible and if the voucher is still active, use it for the next subscription. The same applies to the trial month. Cancel the trial month and then purchase the subscription again with the voucher.

Here you will find a description of how to cancel your subscription.

Discount voucher

When redeeming a discount voucher, the price in the purchase view is updated and reduced by the discount. The discount is only valid for this one year of your subscription. After entering the payment information, you can complete the purchase. The subscription is automatically renewed after the year (if you don't cancel it) and then the regular price will be charged.

Gift voucher

If you have a gift certificate for one year Pro or Pro+, you can redeem it via the same website. In this case you don't have to provide any payment information. All functions of the subscription will be activated for one year for your account. The subscription will not be renewed automatically but ends after the year.


Give Pro or Pro+ as a gift

You can also give away one year Pro or Pro+. You can buy the gift voucher on our website. If you already have a discount voucher, you can also use it to purchase a gift voucher. Simply indicate with the purchase and the price is reduced by the appropriate amount.


If you have problems redeeming your gift voucher, please first check whether it is still valid or whether you made a typing error? You can also try changing browsers or emptying the cache (we recommend Firefox and Chrome for Outdooractive). If you still have any problems, please contact our support team at any time: Submit inquiry


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