How do I search for tours in the app?


Every tour planning starts with the search for a suitable route. The search function is therefore at the center of our app. You can search for tours and sights directly in the map. You get a direct impression of what content is available in which region in our app.


Where can I find the tour search?

Once you have opened the app, there are two ways to access the tour search. Either you click on the menu in the upper left corner and filter directly by categories: tours, huts, sights, accommodation and ski resorts. The results will then be displayed on the map.

The second possibility to enter the search starts directly in the map at the bottom left of the main menu. Here you tap on the green button "Search in this area". Now the search function opens as well.


Map or list?

You can display all search results on the map as well as in a list view. By default, the results are presented on the map. Use the green "List" button at the bottom of the map to change the view.


Searching with filter settings

The settings of the search filter are located above the map or list. By default, "Map section" is activated here. This means that all results that are in the current map section are displayed. If you tap on "Map section", the setting is deactivated and the map section changes to Central Europe. If you zoom in on the map or move the section back and forth, the search adjusts itself as soon as you press the "Search again here" button.

If you activate an additional filter criterion, it will be displayed in dark grey. For example, if you tap on "Tour", you can now also select subcategories such as hikes, bike tours, mountain bike tours, etc. The green number on the far left always indicates how many filter criteria are activated. This button can also be used to adjust the filter settings.

If you have made the fine adjustments via the filter, tap on "Assume" and then on "Apply filter". You will now be back on the map.


Search for locations

The search offers many possibilities: You can also enter the location where you want to search directly at the top of the search slot. Enter the location and then tap either on one of the "Results" or on your search term under "Search".

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