How can I switch to other maps and display content on the map?


On the website you will find 2 buttons in the lower right corner of the map. In this section you can open the Map-Layer-Panel (map selection) and the Map-Content-Panel (content selection).


The Map Layer Panel provides an overview

The Map-Layer-Panel is our advanced control element, which raises the usability of the Map to the next level. The systematic coloring is reflected in the selection of activities. Thus, the new Map Layer Panel also assumes the function of a legend. From a basic map, a map style and the route network for the desired activity, the individually suitable map can be put together. The clear display as well as a pictorial preview make navigation through the contents easy, arouse anticipation of the next planned outdoor adventure and quickly lead you to the answer to the question: "What do I want to see?"

Depending on your subscription status, you can select your maps and route networks here. The "Additional layers" as well as the map "OpenStreetMap" are available in the free membership.


The Map Content Panel as an additional filter

While the Map Layer panel visualizes content directly on the map, the Map Content panel displays content interactively on the map. These contents are tours or POI (Points of Interest) from the Outdooractive platform, which can be shown or hidden as required. To learn more about an interesting content, you can simply click on it on the map and get directly to its detail page.

Here you can also activate the "My Map" function if you are Pro or Pro+. "My Map" can also be used for route planning. Find out more here.

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