Questions and Answers, Ratings and Photos


Under every route, sight, hut, etc. you will find on the website (and soon in the app) an area in which you can…

  1. Ask the Community a question
  2. Leave a review of the route or POI
  3. Upload photos and videos to the corresponding route / POI


  1. Questions and Answers

With this function you can use the green button to ask the Community a question For example, you might want to know the conditions or difficulty of a route, the opening hours of a tourist attraction or something else altogether. People within the community and professional partners will be notified of your question and be able to help you.

You can also upload photos and videos to go with your question.


  1. Reviews

Here you have the opportunity to post a review of the route / POI. You can give a rating of between one and five stars and add written text. You can also upload photos and videos to your review. As a practical tool for other members, you can also show the date of your visit so others can see how recent it is.

Other users are able to comment on the reviews.


  1. Photos by others

A picture is worth a thousand words. This feature allows you to upload photos and videos to the tour / POI. This way other members obtain far more of an insight and have better information available when planning their own routes and excursions.  


Editing and deleting posts

You can edit and delete all your individual contributions yourself. To do this, you go to where you left the message post in the first place and select ‘Edit’. You are also able to find all the posts on your page under -> Overview -> My Contributions.


In order to remain up-to-date, you decide on your profile -> Settings -> Email Notifications when you want to get a message; For example, if there are updates to reviews and questions you have responded to.

All reviews and comments already existing before this update are now in the reviews area. This is in order to maintain chronology.

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