How do I plan routes using the mobile website?


Essentially, you are able to plan and publish your routes using the mobile website in the same way as you would with the app.

To do this, go to via your browser and go to the Route Planner. You can set points A, B, C etc. directly by tapping and holding on the map until you have completely planned the geometry of your route. Please note that you have to log in to be able to set more than two waypoints and save the route on your profile.




Alternatively, you can enter an addresses directly in the list view if one is available for each waypoint.

You then click on the green "Next" button. At this point you can insert a short description of your route and, if necessary, change the activity and add photos or videos to it. Please note that you are only allowed to upload photos and videos that you have taken yourself or for which you have the necessary rights of use.

Under "Description" you enter a longer text for the route so as to properly document it. You can also add details to the fields "Destination", "Start", "Safety information", "Equipment", "Tips, hints and links" and give an "Author's recommendation".

You can find information about the difficulty and your rating as an author under "Details". You are also able provide information on how best to reach the route’s start point (getting there).

After you have finished creating your route, you can choose whether you want to publish it for all users to see or keep it for private use.

Please note that you need to have the Outdooractive App for features such as Navigation and the Pro version of the app version in order to save routes and maps offline.

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