How do I determine my localisation and how can I adjust its perspective?


To determine your position on the map, simply tap on the "Map" tab. By tapping on the circle in the lower left corner, which looks like a target, the blue location point will appear and follow your position. Tap the button again to align the map in viewing direction.

However, these functions require a lot of battery power and should not be used permanently. That's why automatic location tracking turns off when your phone's display is off. If you turn the display back on and tap the button again, it may take a short time for your current location to be found and displayed.


If that doesn’t work, these tips can help:

  • Check in Settings if the determination of localisation is permitted -> iOS: “Settings“ -> “General“ -> Localisation service/ -> Android: “Settings“ -> ”Privacy” -> “Location services“
  • iOS: To record tracks, you need to permit the actualisation in background (“Settings“ -> “General“ -> “Background App Refresh”
  • Android: Check in the location settings of your smartphone if "High accuracy" is selected here.
  • The power saving mode should always be deactivated when the GPS signal is activated and if you want your location to be displayed (this is especially true during recording). Due to the higher battery consumption, this will often switch off the location detection.
  • In general, weak GPS signal can lead to dropouts. The best thing to do is to check regularly whether the signal is good and don't stow your smartphone too deep in your backpack.
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