The app cannot be opened, it crashes or does not work anymore – what can I do?


A lot of things can be the cause that the app does not start correctly:

  • The operating system of your smartphone is not up to date. Please check if a newer software is available.
    • iOS: Open iTunes on your computer or laptop and click on “?” -> “Look for Updates” and, if necessary, update/install, or on your device go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Software Update”
    • Android: “Settings” -> “Device Info”/”Update” -> “Check for Updates”
    • The device should be restarted at first.

The download was erroneous for any reason. After uninstalling the app you can reinstall it in your App Store or Google Play Store anytime, without further charges, when you sign into the store with the same user data as when you first bought the app.

Attention: when you uninstall the app all contents that haven’t been synchronised with the community will be deleted, including every content that has been saved offline!

A crash of the app can have several causes, as well:

  • Please check if you have installed the latest version of the app. For that, go to your respective store and look for the app. If an update is available, the button “Update” should appear below the app.
  • If the app crashes directly after the installation, it suggests that an error has already occurred during the installation. Please uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Please check, as well, if the crash only occurs while using certain features.
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