How can I save maps/tours?



For the new app:

Offline storage is available with Pro/Pro+ in the app. Maps can also be saved in the background and at the same time the app can be used without interruptions.

Save tours offline

To save all information of a tour, including description, pictures, tour history and suitable map section, offline, proceed as follows:

Open the tour ⇒ Select "Save" in the lower bar ⇒ Confirm the note ⇒ Done

Save maps offline

If you want to save a single map section, the following steps are necessary:

Zoom to the desired map section ⇒ Press the down pointing arrow in the upper right corner ⇒ Select "Download" ⇒ Done

Note: The download icon will not appear until you have zoomed far enough into the map. The maximum size of a map section when downloading is about 40 x 40 km. You can save any number of map sections one after the other. However, overlapping areas are not downloaded twice.

Before downloading you should make sure that you have enough free space and a stable internet connection. Tip: The best place to do this is in the W-LAN.

All offline saved tours and maps can be found in the menu on the left side under "Settings" ⇒ for Android: "Storage management" / for iOS: "My Downloads" and here you can delete them again.

Here you find the information concering this topic as well as a Tutorial video.

For our older apps:

There are different options:

If you have already found an interesting tour, you can open it on your smartphone and save it offline (detailed map with description and pictures).

  • Android: open the tour -> click on the three points in the upper corner on the right -> ”Bookmark/Add to your collection“ -> ”Save offline“
  • iOS: open the tour -> “More“ -> ”Save offline“

If you have not found an interesting tour already and just want to save a map excerpt, please proceed as follows:

  • Android: Open menu and click on “Map“ -> click on the arrow pointing downwards in the upper corner on the right -> click on the “floppy disk” symbol above on the right side
  • iOS: Open menu and click on “Map“ -> click on “Save“ above on the right side -> ”Done“

Before downloading, please make sure there’s enough memory and a stable internet connection. A map excerpt can get to a size of 40 x 40 km. If you choose a larger map excerpt there’s set automatically the highest zoom level. If you select tiles which are already available in offline mode, the app skips the download of these tiles, so no additional memory will be needed.

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