How do I start the Tracking and use a tour as a template?


The Tracking supports you in all your outdoor activities and reliably records your route.

To start the tracking, tap on the "double circle" at the bottom right (second symbol from the right). As soon as you press "Start", the tracking starts. The GPS signal must be activated at this time. Here you can find out more about the location and orientation of the map.

During the tracking you can also display the interactive elevation profile. Drag the arrow below the upper grey bar, which shows the meters you have covered, the altitude difference and the elapsed time, downwards.

"Pause" pauses the tracking and you can either continue or end it. Your tour will then be saved under "My Page" -> "My Tours".


Using Tours as Templates

Existing tours can be used as a template for the tracking. The selected tour will then be displayed on the map.

Select "More" -> "Use as template" from the menu bar on the tour detail page (under "My tours"). This also works with your plans.


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