I own a Xiaomi Redmi and the login/sync doesn't work. What to do?


The problem is not generally due to our app, but occurs on devices that use Xiaomi's Miui operating system. Here the normal Android version with the special operating system properties of Miui is partly overhauled and thereby problems arise with the registration and synchronization in our app.


Please go to the settings of your smartphone -> installed Apps -> select the Outdooractive App -> go to Permissions and activate Auto-Start here. Close our app once and try again. It should work now.

If it doesn't work please try to neutralize as much of the Miui operating system as possible. Not always a deactivation in the settings brings the desired effect (Auto-Start must be activated), therefore "neutralize". For example, turn off the Miui battery saver function, take a look at the assigned permissions. Have you assigned all permissions here?

Please check if the device is designed for the EU market. If it is not a certified device (e.g. only certified for the Chinese market), some functions and apps may not work as desired. This could be the case, for example, if the Google Play Store wasn't directly installed on your device.

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