What is the difference between “Plans” and “Routes”?


When creating a route for yourself on Outdooractive, the details will first appear under the heading "Plans". The second stage involves turning this plan into a “Route”. You can find both categories on “My Page”.  The advantage of this two-step process is that it provides you with a useful and quick overview of where you are in the development of the route.

What is a “Plan”?

  • It was generated either via the Route Planner or…
  • Created by uploading a GPX track
  • It forms the basis of creating a route
  • It cannot be published
  • It is deleted as soon as it becomes a “Route”

What is a “Route”? 

  • It comprises geometry as well as a title, description, detailed data, pictures, videos (if so chosen), etc.
  • It is based on a previous “Plan”
  • It can be published or remain private
  • It cannot go back to being a Plan

Please note: In order to plan or create a route you must first be registered with us. If you do not yet have an account, you can register here.



Step 1: The Plan 

To create a plan, you either first open the Route Planner or you go to "My page" -> "Plans" -> Add.

You then set your way points A, B, C etc. and click on “save”. Your plan has now been created.

Imported GPX tracks are also initially saved in “Plans”.



Flexible: you can use this feature to create a simple interim plan when you are out and about and then edit it later in detail to create a route which you can then publish.  


Step 2: The Route

Each route is initially a "Plan". To convert this into a route, click on "Create Route". This gives you the opportunity to take care of all the finer details, such as a description, directions, the picture and video galleries, etc.

You can find out the difference between the short description, description and directions here.




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