What are 'Groups'?


The group feature allows you to get in touch easily with other community members. Looking for someone to go with you on an outdoor adventure, such as a trip into the mountains ? Or perhaps you could use some tips for your next route ? Maybe you have questions about a specific topic and need advice and the expertise of others? You are pretty much guaranteed to find the right group for you, but if you don't, you can create your own one in just a few steps. You can also form a group for specific members only, such as your family, for example.

The groups feature can be found under My Page> Community.  At the top you will see all the groups you are already a member of. Below this are some suggested groups that might be of interest to you.  Please note that these are currently only available on the website and not in the app.


What types of groups are there?


There are three different types of groups. These differ in terms of their visibility to third parties and how you join them:

  • Public groups: these groups are open to everyone and can be joined directly.
  • Private group: you can only join one of these by invitation from the group admin.
  • Hidden groups: these groups are only visible to invited members and cannot be found by others.


Joining and leaving a group


How you join depends on the group:

  • You can join a public group without invitation.
  • With a private or a hidden group you will receive an invitation by email, which you can then choose either to accept or decline.

You can leave a group at any time if you feel like it. To do this, click on the "Joined" button. A pop-up will appear that gives you the option to leave.


Photo: Outdooractive Editors

Creating and editing a group


To create a group, click on the "Create group" button in the Community area of your profile. Please Note that groups are currently only visible and editable via the website.

The following is required to create a group:

  • A cover picture: try to use an image that best describes your group by capturing the area or the sport.
  • A title or name.
  • A brief description: here you can describe in short sentences what your group offers.
  • A private or public group setting: is the group intended only for certain people or do you want to unlock it for the whole community?
  • Visibility: this is only relevant for a private group. If you don't want your group to be found by other community users, leave the box unticked.
  • Lastly, you can get on with inviting members, adding an activity (e.g. hiking) and selecting the region. 
  • Click on "Save" to finish creating your group.

If you want to edit your group, start by going directly to the group itself (note: only group administrators can makes changes to the settings). At the top right you will find the "Edit" button. Click on it to make your changes.


Photo: Outdooractive Editors

Managing your group's membership


 As a group administrator you can do the following :

  • Add members (to all types of group).
  • Remove members (from all types of group).
  • Select additional group administrators.
  • Accept requests from private groups.
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