What is "Media"



To provide a better overview of your uploaded images and videos, you can view all your media in a gallery under "Media" in "My content". This includes not just everything you have uploaded to your own content, such as routes, points and current conditions, but also what you have posted in response to the routes and points created by others.

Click on a picture or video in the media gallery to see and enlarged version and scroll between the files as an album.

Media displayed on the website can be sorted by "day", "month" and "all media". You also have the option to edit or remove the title of the file and to set the status of the image or video to "published" or "unpublished". Setting media to "unpublished" means that content in which the item is used will be kept private. This prevents other community members from seeing the photo or video, whilst you will be able to continue doing so.



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