How to share your location using 'BuddyBeacon'

Keep your family and friends updated on your location during a trip so that nobody worries where you (and your group) are and you can be found quickly in case of any emergency.



In the app's map view, select the more symbol above the map layer followed by BuddyBeacon.

Set whether you want to show your entire route or just your current position and when your location should be sent. You can opt to transmit:

  • for a certain period (e.g. 3 hours)
  • whilst recording a track
  • or continuously- that is until the transmission is manually canceled.  

You can invite other Community members to follow your BuddyBeacon or generate a link and send it to non-members via the share function. Anyone who receives the link you generate can see your location as long as long as BuddyBeacon is activated or until you recall the link. Non-members must register to see your BuddyBeacon. Press Start to share your location with selected recipients.

You can also activate the feature by holding down your location on the map and then selecting BuddyBeacon prompted. The top area of ​​the map shows you when your location was last shared. Hit stop to stop sharing your position.


Important:  In order to share your BuddyBeacon position, you will need internet reception on your mobile phone. If you happen to go offline while sending, all the GPS positions that were missed during that time will be transmitted once you are back online. 




While sharing your own BuddyBeacon is only possible in the app, you are able to view another's BuddyBeacon in both the app and the web version. Simply activate the "BuddyBeacon" map layer to see all BuddyBeacons that you have been given access to.

Your friend's position is shown on the map alongside their profile picture and the color of the marker determines how current it is:

  • Blue → Good GPS signal and the position that is being displayed is current. 
  • Orange → An old position is being displayed
  • Grey → The position cannot be determined

Select the profile picture to view further information such as current coordinates, the time the last position was sent, battery level and average speed. Depending on the settings of the device, the distance the person has traveled is also displayed.




After selecting a friend's BuddyBeacon, you are able to route yourself to their position, share your location with that friend in turn, or set a point on their position.

The Buddy Watch List gives you an overview of who has allowed you to track their location. It is here that you will also see such information as their device's battery level and their average speed, distance from you and the distance they have traveled. The watch list can be found above the 'more' symbol if you have activated the BuddyBeacon layer.

Swipe a contact left (Apple) or press and hold (android) to pause following or to remove this person from your watch list. Your friend can pause sharing or remove you as well. 


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